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Effective preparation and performance for the telc examination

In order to be able to study in Germany as an international student or to work in Germany as an immigrant, sound German skills are essential, which are required by the university or  the desired profession. So that, the authorized certificates and exams such as telc or DSH are necessary to prove your acquisitions of German.

Dr. Juno not only helps you to prepare effectively for the telc exam, but also hold the exams at our language school. With  practice materials and tests, we will make you feel you are taking part in a real exam, meanwhile, the evaluation criteria and the exam procedure are the same as telc exam, which will give you an accurate idea of the exam.

Our goal is to help you be fit and well-prepared for the exam.

Jetzt telc Zertifikat abschließen!

What is the telc exam?

The telc C1 exam is a language exam whose target group is the prospective students who would like to study at a German university, those who will work in the academic field and those who need to prove their German abilities. Telc is held to test your advanced German ability, which is required during the application for universities.

Which skills are tested in the exam?

Among other things, it is focused on the linguistic expression. Can you express yourself fluently and spontaneously? Are you familiar with colloquial expressions and can you use apply  them specifically into conversations? Besides, it also emphasizes the accurate grammatical use in German during the telc exam.

How is the telc C1 examination structured?

The telc C1  German examination for higher education consists of two parts: a written part and an oral part. The written exam lasts approximately 3 hours and 10 minutes including a 20-minute break. This part contains listening, reading comprehension and writing.

In the oral exam you are usually tested with other one or two participants. This test lasts between 15 and 25 minutes and the participants are given an additional 20 minutes for preparation  before the test. The oral exam can be held on the same day as the written exam, or on a different day.


After passing the oral exam, you will receive the telc certificate, which you can then use to prove your German language skills at university or at work. 

Jetzt zur C1 telc Prüfung anmelden!

Can I retake the telc C1 examination if I fail?

Yes. If you did not pass both the oral and written examination, you could retake it within one calendar year, no matter the frequency. If you were failed in the oral exam or just the written part, you would not need to retake the entire exam.

Optimal telc exam preparation with Dr. Juno

To make you prepared for the exam, we offer crash courses not long before the exam date, which comprise 35 lessons and effectively prepare you for the topics that you may also encounter in the telc C1 exam. Based on the exercises provided by telc and other comprehensive materials, the real exam scenario is simulated to make you meet the exam’s requirements and handle other possible situations. So, you can take the exam confidently.

Our crash-telc preparation course ends two days before the telc exam. This means that what you have learned remains fresh in your mind, but you still have enough time to prepare intensively for the C1 telc exam.

Frequently asked questions

The telc German exam takes place at the Dr. Juno language school in Dortmund. Our team of instructors will let you know the ultimate exam place during our course. However, the distance of our different classrooms in Dortmund is short, within a few- minute- walking.  And it is convenient for you to arrive at our classrooms by public transportation.

The telc exam  costs180,00€*. The cost of the corresponding crash preparation course, which you can take with us shortly before the exam, is XXX,XX€*.

* Our courses and exams are exempt from VAT according to §4 No. 21 a UstG.

Do you have any questions?

Would you like to know more information about telc registration or about the procedure of the telc exam or our crash course? Then give us a call. You are also welcomed to visit us during our office hours and ask your questions in person.

telc exam


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