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You would like to study abroad at a German university and have already received an offer? You would like to learn German  but are still looking for suitable DSH  courses near the TU Dortmund? Dr. Juno supports you on your way to prepare you comprehensively for the DSH exam at a renowned language school in Dortmund. Our German courses are your ticket for studying abroad successfully in Germany.

Targeted contents relevant to the exam, valuable knowledge from former DSH examiners – the instructors at the language school Dr. Juno will teach you everything you need to know to successfully pass the exam. We make you completely fit for the exam by exercising all parts of the exam. Based on the sample exams, all the exam contents will be discussed, analyzed as well as trained.

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What is the DSH exam?

The German Language Test for University Admission (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang), also known as  DSH, is aimed at the university applicants from foreign countries.  Many universities require the German of their applicants who plan to study in Germany at B2 or C1 level.  Thus, , the DSH exam is the entrance ticket for their studies in Germany.

This does not apply to the prospective students who can  prove their proficient German competence with a graduation certificate or a language diploma, for example the diploma of German major in their home country, which ensures that they can both understand the essential content and converse effortlessly with lecturers and fellow students in their studies.

Listening to important content and expressing your own opinions about academic topics are the skills your need to handle  for studying in Germany. Therefore, these skills are also part of the DSH examination.

How is the exam structured?

The exam consists of a written exam and an oral exam, aimed to evaluate whether you have sufficient German knowledge to support your study in Germany. However, you do not need specific expertise to take the DSH.

The written examination lasts four to six hours on average, including listening, reading and writing in accordance with a graph.

The oral exam usually lasts about 20 minutes and consists of an interview. The time for preparation is 15-20 minutes. The thematic focus here is to judge whether the examinees can  deal with scientific topics and comment on them with oral German. The form of the oral exam (individual interviews or with 2-3 participants) depends on respective universities.

Die optimale DSH Vorbereitung in Dortmund

Frequently asked questions

Dr. Juno makes you prepare for the exam in a comprehensive way through the DSH intensive course at the level C1. We will simulate the exam room and train you with the DSH sample exams. Therefore, you will be exercised under the simulation of the exam, in this way, you will be mentally-prepared for the exam.

Our lecturers know what they should tell you: Many of them worked as DSH examiners for years and now delivery their knowledge and experience to university applicants during the process of the preparation for DSH in Dortmund.

The exam is held at the respective universities in Germany. If you plan to study at the TU Dortmund, the DSH will also be held in Dortmund.

The cost of the exam is determined by the respective universities and varies. It is better for you  to inquire about the examination fee at your desired university.

DSH Preparation Course


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