German course C1

Our C1 course for exam preparation for DSH and telc

You have almost managed to learn German! Through the intensive learning of German, you have been at B2 level. The next step is to improve your German proficiency to C1 and then to successfully pass the DSH or telc exam and this is what the language school Dr. Juno in Dortmund endeavor to do. In order to help you to pass the exam, exercises and tips are provided by us.

Our C1 German course is so well-designed that it usually ends not long before the DSH exam of the TU-Dortmund or the exams in other places such as the FH Aachen. Therefore, what you have learned is still fresh in your mind, which makes it easier for you to pass the exam.

Effective help and preparation by former DSH & current telc examiners

Many of our instructors have many years’ experience as official DSH and telc examiners. Therefore, our experienced course instructors can  offer you  targeted support in the process for preparing German exams.  No matter the question is about the exam procedure, comprehension or the excitement before the exam, our lecturers are here to provide you with theoretical and practical support.

After you have successfully established the basic acquirement for your German language skills, it is the time to consolidate, expand and refine your knowledge. So, Dr. Juno provides you with comprehensive and appropriately-designed teaching materials. Your vocabulary will be optimally expanded to support your campus life as well as your private life in Germany. The course is delivered by former DSH examiners, which promotes your preparation for the exam in a targeted and efficient way.

What can you expect in our C1 German course?

In order to give you the necessary support and attention  for optimal exam preparation, our C1  German course is usually held in a small group, which makes our instructors notice all the students in the same manner.

Our C1 German course consists of 200 per 45-minute lessons. During the lessons you will learn to consolidate your everyday German skills, to speak with teachers and fellow students as well as to understand scientific texts.

For the sake of the best preparation for the DSH exam, all the contents related to the exam will be taught and trained, which include listening, reading, writing as well as the use of grammar.. In this way, you will be able to comprehend scientific texts and complex facts in your studies. In addition, we simulate the exam situation with former DSH exams to carry out targeted exercises.


For the C1 German course, you are required to prove your German is at B2 level.  To enable us to correctly assess your language skills, there is an entrance test before the course starts (participation fee: 10,00€*).

If you can present us with an authorized B2 certificate instead, an entrance test is not a must.

Do you have any questions?

If you have questions about the process or are not sure whether our C1 German course in Dortmund is the right choice to realize your goals, please call us! You are also welcomed to come by during our office hours and talk your questions and concerns with us personally

Preparation for the C1-DSH exam

Optimal exam preparation includes not only the learning of everyday German, but also the specific and technical German  that is required in your studies. Meanwhile, the learning of the content related to the exam is also included. The course consists of the lessons to teach you the DSH-relevant contents and the simulation of the exam process, which contributes to the familiarity of the exam in advance.

At the end of the course, you are able to deal with all kinds of situation, no matter it is an ordinary conversation or the comprehension of a scientific essay in your study, which means that your German is consolidated and developed. Confidently face your DSH C1 exam with this preparation course. Our students often get very good results in the exams after extensive preparation. 

c1 Intensivkurs an der Dr. Juno Sprachschule in Dortmund

Frequently asked questions

Language level C1 is one of the competence levels within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which classifies language skills into different levels:

A0 – beginners with no prior knowledge

A1-A2 – beginners with little to middle previous knowledge

B1-B2 – intermediate to advanced knowledge, independent use of the language

C1-C2 – competent use of the language, C2 native speaker level

If you want to study abroad at a German university or start to work in Germany, you will often need an official certificate to prove your language abilities. If you want to attend a degree program, you need to pass the exam like DSH or telc. These certificates require your advanced language skills and  the ability to speak German independently. Therefore, the language levels B1, B2 or C1 are often a prerequisite for the exams.


Our German course for C1 preparation costs 695,00€.

Our courses and exams are VAT-exempt according to §4 No. 21 a UstG.

The C1 German course consists of approx. 200 lessens, which lasts45 minutes each and takes place as a live or hybrid course.

German course C1


VAT exempt according to §4 No.21a bb) UStG